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I agree, Jon. I must admit, though, we have played tuns of gigs and this has only happened to us twice. One venue paid us but wouldn''t have us back due to "not enough people in his pub" (not our fault!) and the other venue tried it on by paying us less - it didn''t work though as I stood my ground with them! Ha ha.
Message from: Donna (26/02/2007)
we must be lucky as always got our fee, but i must agree that the public at times dont appreciate the fact that the venues are putting some talented live bands at no charge to them.
Message from: jon (25/02/2007)
Hi everyone. Just wanted to air my views on this message board and see if it''s not just me who has a gripe with landlords/ladies/venues in our region who either a) don''t pay you the agreed sum of money after you''ve slogged your guts out playing in their venue for two hours, and b) they expect you to bring hords of people in so they can take lots of money in their till? Whatever happened to venues who appreciate good live music and not just think about lineing their pockets with cash? Gggrrrr! There, moan over! but saying that, there are some LOVELY landlords/ladies/venues out there too! XXX
Message from: Donna (25/02/2007)
think its time to put this one to bed folks.
lifes to short.
move on guys.
Message from: anon (25/02/2007)
why is nathan pace using rob woodhouses e-mail addres then and why would somebody from a germany based commerce site be interested in nite curew or the haddiscoe crown . how weird!!!!!
Message from: Anon (25/02/2007)
Message from: nathan (24/02/2007)
Sorry to sound simple but what is N.G.G. then?
Message from: Wayne (24/02/2007)
Message from: Nathan Pace N.G.G (24/02/2007)
Just letting you good folks know that the release date for the debut album from V8 Rumble is now set at March 10th 2007. The album is on Vampirette Records (Germany) and will be available from the usual rockabilly sources. V8 Rumble tracks are already available for download at: (Nervous Records) and you can pre-order the CD from: (Raucous Records) .... Keep rockin''''!!!!!!!!!
Message from: V8 Rumble (23/02/2007)
Hi, who is Nathan Pace?
Message from: Wayne (23/02/2007)
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