Das Fenster & The Alibis


Das Fenster: heard RockíníRoll in a Belfast bar and ditched all thoughts of joining the priesthood. He took up guitar, along with drinking, womanising, and a little light burglary. Around this time he developed a fascination with Voodoo and began to investigate its secrets. He got out of town when the heat was turned up, and found himself in Hamburg working for Timmy 'The Fixer'. There he met Stagger Lee, and Pearly Gates and formed a band.

They needed some extra fire power, so they called in

Bad Penny, and the band were on their way!

Pearly Gates: Little is known about his early years.

One story goes that his old man taught him bass at an early age then kicked him out to make his own way in the world; another says he was an apprentice gravedigger until a mix of boredom and malice one day ensured his boss was never seen again. Stealing antiques for an overseas smuggling racket landed him in borstal.

On his release he dropped out of sight until he turned up working for Timmy The Fixer, and inevitably he hooked up with Das Fenster.

Bad Penny: was the name given to her by the teachers at boarding school. She was the ringleader of the group of girls who were behind every misdemeanour. She was finally asked to leave the school for holding sťances that left a number of her classmates very disturbed.

She escaped prison over her involvement in a number of scams in 'The City'; rumours abounded that she'd 'influenced' the judge. A short time later, claiming a religious experience, she re-emerged as the high priestess of a cult whose membership consisted solely of wealthy older men.

The cult collapsed when Penny, or 'Her Holiness' as she was now known, disappeared, along with all of the cult's finances.

She turned up in Hamburg, and her natural talent for music made her the number one choice when Das Fenster was looking for band members.

The Chemist: When drummer 'Stagger Lee' got banged up for handling stolen goods, 'The Chemist' was called in to take over on drums. As a boy The Chemist attended several schools, each of which was destroyed in late night fires started in the science classrooms. The authorities said that The Chemist was to blame. It was during his time in a young offenders centre that he learned to play drums.

He always had a flair for science and he made it to university, paying his was by selling 'tonics' to the other students. He graduated with a 2:1 in Chemistry and no debts!

Also known as 'Dr Fry' because of his love of "things that go boom! in the night", he came to the attention of Timmy The Fixer. When not playing drums, The Chemist can be found in his private lab carrying out 'Experiments'.
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