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No matter what the style, you can count on Purple Studios to provide the utmost in audio quality, the most modern facilities, highly trained and experienced engineers, and a fun, relaxed environment in which to produce and record your music!

Our studio is highly affordable when you need the best quality audio for your music, voice over or film why settle for less.

Mixing ... that's where it all happens. You need to do it right. That's where Purple Studio comes in. We know how to do it - How to cooperate with the artist and get the results that matter.

Once the performances are captured, the mix is what makes the "sound" of the record.

The final stage in the recording process, this is where we make sure that your record plays at a competitive level, that the songs flow properly in sequence and that they are consistent in volume and overall EQ range.

An objective ear is always a good idea to insure the final product is as good as it can be and sounds like it was intended.

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Rob Clewes

01603 622550

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