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"Like Downton Abbey run by anarchists...a mesmerising combination of brutality and dark humour. Their live sound, blending bleeding chunks of free brass noise with the ironic sentimentality of tracks like ‘Requiem for a Worm’, has only got better. The razor-sharp rhythmic edges are polished, the ensemble is painfully slick, and you can smell the rubber burning from their stylistic handbrake turns"

Matthew Wright, Jazzwise – February 2015

"I’ve been fortunate enough to see WSP perform live on a number of occasions...All of these performances have been intense, exciting, energetic, high octane affairs with WSP really ‘going for it’. A WSP gig is a thoroughly entertaining and invigorating listening experience"

Ian Man, – June 2016

"It’s the soundtrack to some unmade war epic where the soldiers are shaking, sharing smokes and screaming before they storm the proverbial beach, pillage the village and finally go down in a gory blaze of glory"

Frank Spignese, Japan Times (Japan) – September 2016

"This was a gig that grabbed you by the scruff and didn’t let go. Highlights were many: lead single Fuming Duck was all careering melodies and slamming gothic bombast, while Requiem for a Worm was an exercise in delicate detail that built to a fuzzy, head-spinning crescendo. A gig that kicked jazz up the jacksy, then, and was all the more impressive for it"

Jane Cornwell, Evening Standard – May 2016

"The epic and anthemic live sound of World Service Project is both thrilling and heart-wrenching, with a theatrical live performance thrown in for good measure, as one of Europe’ s finest live-acts" (India) – November 2016

"Odd meter, acceleration, rhythmic and melodic somersaults, and almost heavy metal and sweetness contained in the most unexpected points. One comes out listening in the end happily dazed, and believing that good music will never die if there are energies, ideas, passion skills to be played at the right time"

Guido Festinese, (Italy) – May 2016

****"Five and a half years since the highly Zappafied outfit made their debut with the fairly obscure Relentless [For King & Country] is their most lucid work...There’s heavy jam-kindled brainstorming aplenty, keyboards that might as well be crossdressing as guitars that up the textural ante and ideas meter considerably”

Stephen Graham, – April 2016

“The pace is always on their side, like a well-oiled machine that never misses a beat...A record that sets you in motion without needing to unplug the brain”

Angelo Tomosello, (Italy) – June 2016


"The third album of Worldservice Project continues exactly on the same wavelength as their previous work. The eight pieces, mixing free jazz, prog and rock, gives birth to a communicative live album that easily creates an interactive relationship with the listener. A complex and dynamic album that manages to maintain a direct and immediate attitude.”

Francesco Cerisola, (Italy) – May 2016

"Beneath the patina of anarchy and instrumental catastrophism almost every song has its catchy melody and despite the smaller formation at five "full" members, they are full-bodied and possess overwhelming energy"

Maurizio Pupi Bracali, (Italy) – June 2016

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