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HardWired first started getting into music sitting up late at night watching MTV's Party Zone way way past his young bedtime. In the small hours of the morning he was introduced to artists like Autechre, The Orb, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, and his love of IDM was born. He didn't start to producing music until 1995, using Cubase and an AWE64 sound card. Tracks created back then were mainly for his own consumption, an escape from school and teenage life.
Rolling though the years HardWired has continued to produce. In 2014 he decided to move to fully open source software, as he believes it isn't the tools or their cost, but the person using them.

His music is created in Linux Multimedia Studio, with a midi keyboard and small 8 channel midi mixer. A space saving, simple setup is all that's required. In 2015 HardWired released his first album "Sitting On a Path" on Bandcamp.

HardWired currently live in Norfolk in England. A beautiful place in the country.

"I produce music, and sounds I want to hear. I also like to do alot of experimentation, trying to get as much as I can from synthesis and plug-ins. My music doesn't really mean or stand for anything. Its more about exploring the emotional reactions from the music I create."

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Barry Brosnihan


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