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This band started when 5 friends combined their love of punk music with a mutual sense of outrage and disillusionment with life in modern Britain. Wanting to vent their anger while promoting an anarchistic message of peace and co-existence they formed The A.C.s.

Coming from an array of local punk/ska/hardcore bands (Wrecked ‘Em, The Deadenders, The Skivers…. and many more) they punch home their message with a trademark brand of DIY punk characterised by rapid-fire dual male/female vocals and frantic, catchy punk beats.

Drawing on their depth of experience they quickly put together a strong set with influences from bands like Crass, Conflict and Dead Kennedys (to name just a few). These songs quickly took shape, forming the basis of their first album- CAUTION: CONTAINS WORDS, THOUGHTS AND IDEAS. This self produced 18 track album is forged in the spirit of DIY punk with a commitment to simple honest balls out (that’s for the girls too!!) tub thumping punk rock that makes you happy and angry all at the same time.

The A.C.s are now out and about looking for shows and writting new material. Huge thanks go out to Martin, Georgia and Rufus for their continuing support.

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