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Drainpipe Dolls officially formed in the summer of 2007 with this line up of Johnny Kemz, Rob.G, Hammy, Seeks and Beef. But it all stared a year before in 2006 with seeks and Rob.G. They had been chilling out, jamming and thought it would be cool to start a band.

The first proper line up was Rob.G, hammy, seeks, josh and Danny ray. Seeks, rob.G and josh all met at school where they use to fuck about together and hang out. Seeks first properly met hammy at salmonís Bday bash both having the same belt buckle lol. they had a well good chat and hit it of well. A few days later seeks asked hammy to join the Dolls which he did and is still our former bassist. We all new danny from going out to the pub,partys,gigs ect. and we thought he would be a cool front man and thatís how he became part of the band. This line up was ready. But a few weeks later we realised this line up wasnt what we wanted and wasnít working so unfortunately josh was kicked out.

This was when Beef joined. Seeks got a number for a drummer, so he picked up the phone and called him and he was well up for it. He came to a band practise to audition and we all liked his style so we got our new drummer and he is still with us today. He turned up not knowing anyone but we all hit it of really well.

Danny didnít turn up to many band practices because of work so that wasnt helping. we were in band practice once and we saw Johnny Kemzís head pop up through the window and because Danny wasnít there we called him in to jam with us for a bit so we could do somthing and thatís when we did our first proper cover of paradise city and Kemz really enjoyed him self. At this point Kemz was in another band called City Star Rockers who were going strong at the time. Danny soon quit the Dolls because of work obligations. So Johnny Kemz filled in for us while we looked for a new singer.

Kemz liked playing with us and all of us was having a good time. A few months down the line kemz quit C.S.R and and not long after they broke up and Kemz joined the Dolls, this is when it all became serious and this was the line up to be. The Dolls are still going strong and hard. And soon hoping to be in a city near you.

in the next few months Drainpipe Dolls are going to confetti studios in notingham to record some tracks and also at the begining of next year they should be doing a weeks recording at leeders farm studio. next year they will be looking to tour the country, playing venues everywhere so be there.

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