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This is the story of a band from Norfolk, England.
The story starts in late 1990 when lead guitarist Steve Ayers placed an advert in the local paper for like-minded musicians to form a band playing blues-rock in the style of George Thorogood, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Healey, Elmore James and others.
Among the first to call was drummer Steve Hamer, who had just moved to Norfolk from Wales and his kit was still in the attic from the move.
Steve A didn´t have the heart to ask little Steve to get the kit down and initially went with another drummer who´s name was Graham, but fortunately Graham was without transport so Steve A called little Steve back a few weeks later and a rehearsal was arranged with Colin English on bass.
Steve had already had a meeting with Colin and decided that he was the man for the job. The rehearsal went well and another one was arranged, but they still needed a singer, so more adverts were placed and people were auditioned but no-body met the criteria. Steve Ayers was singing in an effort to keep the thing together and eventually it was decided that Steve should sing and little Steve would sing backing.Phil Dunning joined briefly on rhythm guitar but left 2 weeks before the first gig in November 1991, He was replaced by Gareth Jones who stayed for a couple of years until leaving to pursue other things.Dave Sellwood was rhythm guitarist until 1996 when he left the area for job reasons and his spot was filled by Tena Lynn (A GIRL!!).Tena brought a touch of glamour to the band and boy did they need it!Steve and Tena had a baby, Ruby, in 2001 and Tena now occasionally comes out on gigs filling in on lead Tambourine.But Fourplay are mostly Threeplay these days!
Steve Ayers, Colin English, Steve Hamer and Tena Lynn

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