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What styles of music do you cater for?

We just don't care, anything to do with any music in Norfolk we want to include it in The Norfolk Gig Guide.
rockabilly, punk, heavy metal, rock, pop music, funk, alternative music, indie, jazz, blues, folk, skiffle, classical, country, blegrass, country and western, rock and roll,1960s, psychadelic, trash, garage, jungle, 1950s, swing, tradjazz, emo, screamo, new wave, gothic, ska, reggae, western swing, big beat, trance, honky tonk, rhythm and blues, rhythm & blues, rock 'n' roll, psychobilly, surf, brit pop,grunge, hard rock, progressive rock, prog rock, techno, hardcore, acid jazz, bebop, ragtime, mod, doo-wop, new romantic, 2 tone, two tone, black metal, death metal, country rock, irish folk, drum 'n' bass, Techno, hip hop, rock steady, dub, soul, gospel, electro, trip hop, cabaret, easy listening,dance hall,middle of the road

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