Destination Mars

Dance, Rap, Pop

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In 1992 the night sky became illuminated over both Kent, London and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk simultaneously when two Unidentified Flying Objects entered the Earths atmosphere. One pod rattled roughly as it harshly burned through the sky hitting the ground mimicking a God like fist causing a colossal crater in the nearby woods. The other floated on the air majestically before its graceful descent to earth. Years later, after a 17 year search, the two would re-unite at college after fully integrating into human civilisation. They knew they had to return home to Mars, and so ever since they've been making as much noise as possible, sending their unique eclectic music across the galaxy to gain the attention of fellow Martians, not to mention performing at every club and pub they can to earn money to fund parts for a D.I.Y Spaceship. Their full agenda is a close guarded secret, but one thing that is clear is their Destination's Mars, and they're willing to make music to get there.


We played the famous Dublin Castle where Ska sensation Madness cut their teeth back in the day, and where the likes of Amy Winehouse along with a plethora of incredible famous artists performed.. Here's what their booking agent said about us:

"Destination Mars - Raved up electro infused indie hip hop, but with a radio ready pop sensibility, thereís some pretty neat hooks here and the boy-rapping-girl-singing combo works really well. Itís dance music for the post Bloc Party indie generation."
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Jonjo Nicholls


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